SIGS and Classes

Who Should Attend

We try to meet the club members' various needs, come and develop new skills.

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Alexa Echo, the Command Device from Amazon or Google Assistant, a personal assistant.
Batch scanning teaches you how to scan more than one thing at a time.

Learn about the Android Phone, and how you can free yourself from beting tethered to your TV with a cable.

Learning about Linux and Open Source Software is of interest to many people.

Lets not forget Stock Investing, here is your chance to learn more about it.

Windows 10 is basic, weekly class dealing with WIN 10 Questions, in an attempt to de-mystify people new to Windows 10.

We also have a Q@A about Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


The Beginner Classes will teach the novice the rudimentary skills to use the computer, including Windows 10.

Intermediate Classes goes into how to use a Flashdrive, File Management, organizing Files and Folders, Photo Editing for Beginners ( and Windows Q&A.

Advanced Classes takes you into using Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Batch Scanning PowerSlide 5000.