Electronic Registration Instructions

Registration is not required for hands-on classes for April Through November!

1.  Electronic Registration is only available and required for classes December through March that are Hands-On Classes in the Agave and Pecan Rooms.

2.  Lectures, SIG and other Meetings need NO registration; just come.

3.  Registration for classes listed on the club calendar will be available AFTER mid October.

"To register for a class requiring Electronic Registration click the following link and find your class."   Scroll through the list of classes until you find the class listing for your needs. 

Software Utilities

LINKS to Good FREE Utilities

Disclaimer:  The utilities listed here have been tested by our Club members and found to be reliable.  However, downloading and using these utilities is at the user's risk.  Read everything and make sure you are getting the  free version!  Be careful to uncheck boxes asking to install toolbars or other add-ons.


For safer worry-free installations, simply click on the ninite link above for a list of programs!

The programs listed below can be downloaded directly by clicking on the title:

Belarc Advisor


DVD Flick

Microsoft Photo Story 3

Old Apps - find earlier versions of programs

Viewer Excel

Viewer MS Word

Viewer Powerpoint 

Class Documents

In the below Download sections are PDF files of training and class documents. Click on the download link of your choice.

Bob Ogus Helps

Hi I'm Bob Ogus, an  instructor at the Green Valley Recreation. Click on the action button below to check out my webpage for students and club members who wish some resource materials and  information on classes I am engaged in.